Oh Hi! How are you?

My Name is Stephanie, I am an Illustrator and Character Designer and I like to work games: Video games, Card games, Roleplaying games, Boardgames….you name it. And I like Comics (I’m working on my first one right now…..uhhh exciting). Furthermore, I’m also a Teacher. Cause it’s always nice to share what you love.

I am born and raised in Germany, that’s why I have a funny accent in my Videos and make many mistakes (sorry guys). Right now, I live in France with my three-legged dog (actually he has 4 legs, be he use only 3) and my beloved one (who is also making games but as a publisher and writer….and he is a musician, and a feminist and he makes delicious Quenelle. He is great, really). I’m learning right now french with his 99 years old grandma (just to say it again….99 (!!!) years. She is amazing).

Now I don’t know how to finish this. Perhaps with a pictorial representation of a simplified but profound metaphor about life as such.